Practical guide for the summer equestrian camps

Equestrian Summer Camps
Practical Guide

  1. Reservation of place, method of payment and requirements.

  2. Materials required for the riding camps.

  3. Collecting the campers from the airport/bus terminal.

  4. Checking into the equestrian camps.

  5. A day in the riding camps at La Gerencia Equestrian Center.

  6. Timing of calls to parents.

  7. Information from the camp to pareents.

  8. Pocket money for the campers.

  9. Code of Conduct for the riding camp.

  10. I´m bringing my horse/pony.

  11. Going home/ leaving the camp.

Reservation of place, method of payment and requirements

Playa de Dícido
Mioño (Castro Urdiales)
Teléfono:(+34) 942.879.138
Fax: +34.942.879.923

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What to bring

Avoid valuable items: gaming consoles are not permitted (psp, nintendo, etc ...).
For people staying 2 weeks or more, we wash clothes daily so you do not have to bring a lot of luggage. PLEASE ONLY BRING WHAT IS NECESSARY, which is:

Collection from the airport/bus terminal

Reception into the camp

A day in a camp at La Gerencia Equestrian Center

Horse riding lessons in groups of the same level in each discipline; dressage, show jumping and cross country, and also in vaulting.

Each day consists of:

A normal day is as follows:

Every day children are given 2 hours of free time (always accompanied by teachers), plus some time to rest after eating.

Every night after dinner, we spend the evening playing games, dancing, telling jokes. We also pass the time by reading messages from our famous ´messages box´, in which pupils are able to write encouraging messages to one another on their progress throughout the week.

learn Spanish whilst horse riding
We have three different times to go to sleep so that the more tired children are able to sleep earlier. However, the majority prefer to wait till the last turn when the teachers can hardly keep their eyes open!.

We provide homemade food and boarding in a private residence, a beautiful 19th century irish house that has been refurbished and extended especially.

At all times the children are under the supervisión of the staff of La Gerencia Equestrian Center.

Calling home

Exclusively on Fridays and Sundays from 9:00pm till 9:30pm.

Although parents of children under 12 years of age are able to call us the first few days so we can inform you on how they are adapting. These phone calls should be made between 13:30 and 14:00 or 20:00 and 21:00.

USE OF MOBILES: Mobile telephones are kept off and safe in La Gerencia’s office and are given out only on the days and times specified earlier. Any mobiles that have not been handed in may result in expulsion with no possibility of a refund.

Information from La Gerencia Equestrian Center to parents

The first few days are tiering and some children may require a longer period of adaptation. We ask that you trust in our 20 years experience of riding camps and join with us to help your children to adapt to life at these camps.

You can be sure that no decision (horse allocation, grouping, who they share rooms with) is taken lightly.

summer time equine camps

We know how hard it is to trust people with our children, but as parents ourselves we will aim to treat your children as if they were our own.

If the staff notice any problems in settling in or out of the ordinary, we will make sure to contact you immediately so that we are able to understand and resolve these issues.

Family members are not allowed to stay in the riding centre during the riding camps apart from the Saturday when the campers are leaving. On this Saturday you are able to watch your child as they ride and show off the skills learnt during the camps.

Do I need pocket money during the camps?

To avoid money getting lost, we prefer that you leave it in the office at La Gerencia when you get here. A record of how much each camper is using is kept. We recommend a daily limit of 2 or 3 €. The bank opens once a day.

equine camps for children

If for some reason a child needs more money, we will give it to them with your permission.

We accept no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables if they have not been handed in to La Gerencia Equestrian Center.

Code of conduct for our riding camps

Our aim in these camps is to offer a friendly and comfortable environment whilst at the same time being fun and educating. The following rules have been put into place to ensure this.

In order to attend the camps, you must accept the terms and conditions:

  1. You must respect the facilities and materials provided at La Gerencia. Damages caused on purpose will have to be payed for by the pupil.
  2. You have to keep your room tidy and make your bed every morning. The sheets are changed weekly or more frequently if required.
    You are not allowed to keep food or drink  (apart from water) in your bedroom, you have to keep it in the kitchen.we have space for diabetic children to keep extra food or drink as required.
    The bedrooms are only for sleeping and each camper must sleep in their own allocated beds. Games and socialising is undertaken in places that have been specified. You are not allowed to enter into the bedrooms during class hours and activities apart from illness.
  3. Respect the timetables. We ask that you do not annoy your fellow campers during resting hours.
  4. (For stays of 2 wees or more) At night you must leave dirty clothing in the baskets provided. There are no washing services for stays lasting 1 week or less. To save time we only wash riding clothes and underwear (apart from pupils that are staying for a month).
    equine camps by the sea
  5. We receive weekly visits from a doctor. In the case that we have to take any child to the doctors, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FILL OUT THE ADJOINING MEDICAL FORM.
    if the camper has to take some preprescribed medicine, we ask that you label it with their name, the dosage, the time it needs to be taken etc.
    It is strictly forbidden to use ASPIRIN, and the use of any type of medication without a prescription.
  6. Under no circumstances will mistreatment of horses or tack be accepted.
  7. The descicions of instructors need to be respected in and out of classes.

In the rare case that a campers behaviour negatively influences others, we will be made to expel them without possibility of a refund. Before expelling all possible methods will be used to avoid this.

Can I bring my horse or pony with me?

If you want to come with your own horse, we offer a free livery service on stays 2 weeks or longer.

Departure from the camp

On the day of departure, Saturdays before lunch, you have the opportunity to ride infront of your friends and family.

horse crazy people

Your children will let you know the timings on the previous Friday when you talk to them on the phone. We try to make things possible for everyone to see their children riding. It is not obligatory to watch/ participate in these activities.

Through this exhibition, we thank you for having confidence in us. Our goal is that you enjoy a special, intense, happy camp filled with friendship and riding.

We only want that you all want to return the next year. And for those of you who are returning, some for the fifth or sixth year, we can guarantee that the camps continue to be as you know them; special for horse crazy people!.