Horse Riding Camps

Horse Riding Camps
La Gerencia Equestrian Center

equine summer camps

The riding camps at La Gerencia Equestrian Center, for children aged between 7 and 19 years, are an invitation to a summer packed full of fun, adventure, learning and friendships where your child is our main priority.

And an opportunity to learn Spanish whilst being immersed with local Spanish speaking children.

The campers stay in our private residence located on the seafront next to La Gerencia Equestrian Center, where they receive homemade food.

Our motto: have fun whilst learning

La Gerencia's equine camps

Every child is encouraged to participate in the activities of camp. Daily routine of an equestrian camp are followed whilst encouraging participating children to contribute their own ideas.

equine camps

We encourage a non-competitive environment during the riding camps. The instructors and yard managers constantly encourage the improvement in theoretical and practical aspects of the sport; be it in dressage, show jumping or eventing.

equestrian camps to learn Spanish

The horses are assigned according to the riding level of each child. The relationship which is established between the child and the horse is very important.

horse riding camps

"Look after it to enjoy it"

The pupil not only rides, but also takes part in the looking after of the horse; brushing, showering, tack cleaning etc. To love a horse guarantees that the experiences lived are memories that last a lifetime, and our campers wait all year to see them again.

equine camps for children

Life in the camp is complemented by general ice breaker activities such as going to the adjoining beach, dances, songs and games before going to bed. Huge friendships are made during these camps.

equine camps by the sea

Equestrian camps for real horse lovers.

All the information needed is below, including dates, prices and enrolment forms. Of course do not hesitate to contact us on (+34) 9 42 87 91 38 where we can answer all of your queries.

Equine Camps 2021

Dates and prices:

  1. Equine camps at Easter
    • Complete period. From Sunday 28th of March to Sunday 4th April (midday). Price 650 €.
    • From Thursday 1st of April to Sunday 4th April (midday).
      Price 350 € .
  2. Equine camps in the summer:

    • Complete period of five weeks (Price: 2.750 €)
      From 27th of June to 31st of July.

    • 1 Month (Price: 2.400 €)
      1. From 27th of June to 24th July.
      2. From  4th of July to 31st July.
    • 3 Weeks (Price: 1.850 €)
      1. From 27th of June to 17th July.
      2. From 11th of July to 31st July.
    • 2 weeks (Price: 1.350 €)
      1. 4th July to 17th July.
      2. 18th July to 31st of July.
    • 1 week (Price:  950 €)
      1. From 27th of June to 3rd July.
      2. From 4th of July to 10th July.
      3. From 11th of July to 17th July.
      4. From 18th of July to 24th July.
      5. From 25th of July to 31st July.

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